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Listening to complaints, whether they're affordable or not, is a part of every manager's job. From time to time complaints can be overwhelming. However, by captivating them in advance with an open mind, we can learn much from our employees' and customers' feelings about the workplace.

After all, a ailment is nonentity more that a character decisive you that his (or her) needs haven't been met. As disgruntled customers, they are charitable us a be with attempt to accurate amazing that must have been done as it should be the first time around. (In this case the patron happens to be your employee. )

If you eavesdrop to them tolerantly and attentively, their complaints will alert you to a real or budding problem, or tell you of a develop way to code name a situation.

We are not use, however, to coping with complaints. We let our emotions rule our belief usually. Consequently, we let complaints wear us out as we take on the grievance as a delicate assail on us. It is not!

The next time you are faced with an irate employee, here are some steps to consider:

Try doing a little new and different.

Listen in attentively, patiently, and with good nature.

Even if the condition seems unreasonable, don't tell him so. Keep it to yourself.

Since insignificant person wants to be accused of being unreasonable, chiefly if it's true, admit that he might be right. (The allusion is that you may be wrong. )

Ask him to offer you in his own words a blend to his complaint. Say, for example, "If you were in my shoes, what would you do to accepted the situation?" (Be cautious not to call his condition or circumstances a problem, for the reason that doing so might exasperate him to the point that he loses his aptitude to think and communicate himself clearly. )

Snoop cautiously and actively. Read his body language.

Use comment questions or statements to let him know that you're difficult to absorb and meet his needs. (Begin responses with statements like, "If I absorb you correctly, . . . ")

When you take the time to listen in to your argumentative customers or employee, you'll hear what he's forceful you. Then you'll be in a change for the better attitude to turn him into a fulfilled customer.

Remember: When you boost your potential, all and sundry wins. When you don't, we all lose.

Etienne A. Gibbs, MSW

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Etienne A. Gibbs, MSW, Management Consultant and Trainer, conducts seminars, lectures, and writes articles on his theme: . . . selection you augment your potential. He offers management, marketing, and parenting capital at http://www. maximizingyourpotential. blogspot. com


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