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One of the most chief questions associates ask when they are all ears on civilizing their extent and characteristic of big business is: "What is my competitive advantage? What makes me unique, memorable, special? what truly sets me apart from the rest?"

While there are no definitively right answers to that question, most ancestors come to some deduction that consumer benefit is a decisive factor of your competitive advantage. For most businesses, the assistance they offer can vary from exceptional to not so hot, depending upon circumstances.

Why is that? Why does the same company, and even the same associates surrounded by that circle give world class advantage some of the time, and marginal benefit (or worse) other times?

That key can be found in asking a altered question: "What makes you (or your staff) happy when plateful your customers?" While these answers also vary, most ancestors come up with some sort of alternative of "I am happy when my consumer is happy. "

Do we enjoy production with distressed or discontented people? As normal not. We arise our joy from delivering value, by building others feel good about their experience, and by exceeding people's expectations.

What comes first then? The happy buyer or the happy being plateful the customer? This is not the chicken or the egg quandary. The happy being allocation the patron NEEDS to come first, since it is a very bizarre day when your client comes into your commerce looking to cheer YOU up.

This all seems very obvious. At the same time that many associates appreciate this truth, it is rare that citizens consciously take steps to make sure that their most buyer benefit assets are being serviced too - whether that anyone in on your staff, in a new department, or if that being is YOU. It is analytical that you frequently build up the emotional, corporal and mental aid you are supplying to the citizens allocation your customers.

One of my associates and colleagues, Paul Wesselemann, joint a story about his time operational at an HIV/AIDS assistance network. He explained how it was agreed objectionable to come to work when you were ambiance even a bit ill, as even the negligible cold could be enormously perilous for a big shot with HIV. He was Necessary first and chief to take care of himself, make sure he was 100% beforehand he was permitted to offer help and aid to others.

How committed are you to attractive the same care of YOUR needs? Your task for the month is to associate and act upon a fasten of ways to keep you in apposite shape so you can take care of your at all times central customers.

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