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Customer advantage is increasingly seen as one of the most constructive uses for a business World Wide Web site. Your Web site is accessible on a 24 hour, seven days a week basis. So it is well worth exploring ways in which your customers can effectively "serve themselves," lacking the need for overtime staff, or lengthy voice mail procedures.

James Feldman is Leader of JFA, Inc. , an online affair gift high class and distinctive gift items as well as automated watch winders, Grundig shortwave compact radios, and nitroglycerine pill fobs. The JFA Web site has been online since 1997, and has doubled its pay every year - it's now a multi-million cash e-commerce enterprise.

Jim, who's also a expert lecturer and authority on client service, highlighted for me how the online export encounter differs from the bricks-and-mortar model.

Buying online eliminates the bodily aura and personality of the peddler from the process. This makes the Web site copy dangerous in creating a one-to-one connection with the patron or prospect.

Which echoes one of my beloved mantras:

Every page of your site must be on paper from the visitor's point of view, not yours.

A visitor be supposed to be able to look at your offerings, and directly counter the questions:

"Why me?" - that is, is your Web site the right place for me?
"Why be supposed to I care?" - does this copy convert me that you can meet my needs?

It's much easier and direct to jump from Web site to Web site than to move among real-world stores. So the visitor has far more candor of abundance online. Jim says that the challenge for buyer benefit is as a result very evidently to focus on one customer, one buy at a time. E-customers count on great service, with a small amount or no aim interaction. They will tolerate some mistakes, but not many.

Jim offers five rules for effectual online buyer service:

1. Be accessible. Show very evidently on your site all the ways that your consumer can call you - together with e-mail, phone and fax numbers, and your company hours.

And, if it's convenient for your business, be not public - give your visitors a real being to call who has a name, as different to sales@mycompany. com

Of course, if you're exceedingly upscale, you can bring in a "Call-me" fasten on your site.

2. Arrival every e-mail or phone call in the same day, as far as moderately possible. This may sound simplistic, but a contemporary carry out trial with the top Chance 100 companies showed that almost a third futile to answer to e-mail sent all the way through their Web site surrounded by one month! Some of these companies still don't bestow a usable e-mail adopt on their sites at all.

3. Acknowledge all orders. Send e-mail confirmations (this can be done very in actual fact with autoresponders), and if you're shipping concrete products, give tracking figures and likely administration dates.

4. Afford a clear come again policy, honor it and learn from it. This may give you more in sequence about what's effective and what's not. Jim's food are from time to time returned with no explanation, so his staff continually call the buyer to create and resolve the problem.

5. Count on more phone calls. Jim says: "Customers can't read or write!" If your Web site transfer and comeback rates grow (which is, of course, what we want), so will the book of phone calls, anything your commerce or industry.

Regardless of the site quality, clear proceeds and privacy policies, confident servers, etc. , citizens still compel human interaction. All of my clients arrive conversation to customers on the phone, and under your own steam them all through the Web site, where their questions are obviously answered. Maybe these psychological barriers will lessen, but right now, they are very much there.

If you can get the consumer advantage aspects of your big business functioning well, there'll be a clear-cut base line impact. Jim is quite clear that his affair has grown substantially all through go over commerce and referrals from happy customers.

And in contrast, we can see the blow of poor consumer ceremony and contentment procedures in many of the dot. coms that failed. Jim says that citizens buy belongings online in the expectation of receiving a bit more advantageous than the authentic money they spend.

Does your Web site do this??

JFA Inc. can be found at http://www. jfainc. com

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Philippa Gamse, "CyberSpeakerSM", is an globally accepted e-business strategist. Check out her free tipsheet for 19 ideas to promote your Website: http://www. cyberspeaker. com/tipsheet. html. Philippa can be reached at (831) 465-0317 or pgamse@CyberSpeaker. com


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