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In the villa of the sick cat -- a message in buyer care - customer-service


If you're a pet owner, you know the stress of having a sick pet and you know that having a great veterinarian is a astonishing thing. My cat, Zoe, came down with a nasty infection that had me racing off to the vet's bureau last week with an unhappy, crying kitty in tow. (She's doing much advance now. )

This was my first visit to this vet's office, having just moved here last year. When I arrived, the house was under construction. Lots of hammering, sawing, and loud noises-not accurately the controlled, calm character ideal by a sick pet. But fortunately, Zoe lives in the House of Perpetual Construction Projects, so she did okay.

But, what certainly struck me was the construction cast itself. The ahead of you room has been transformed into an Italian Villa with high ceilings, a attractive figure-eight-shaped pool in the core of the room, a enhancing fountain, and "faux" plants. It is gorgeous and would make a great locale for a romantic Italian meal accomplished with fine wine and a strolling violinist.

My first corollary on under your own steam in was "This is beautiful, I amazement how high my vet bill will be. " As Zoe and I sat coming up (and behind you and behind you and waiting), I watched all the other customers appearance all through the door. Each one looked about at the delightful backdrop and said "I amazement how much this is going to cost me. "

The newly deliberate coming up rooms and exam rooms were not considered for the customers-dogs and cats. They weren't intended for the humans bringing in their pets for health check care. It's a total ego design. Impressive. Elegant. Grand.

And as a substitute of all the customers (animal and human) being wowed by the design, they reacted negatively. You see, sick cats and dogs want quiet, dark places and they want their visit to the vet's company to be over quickly. Instead, the new blueprint with its certain floor (fashionably treated to look like a sun kissed rock patio) and its high ceilings means that every time the phone rings the noise reverberates all over the before you area. The poor scheduling means that a sick pet has to stay in that ahead of you room for what must seem an eternity. And of course, the humans directly be au fait with that the money to pay for this cast has to come from somewhere?namely their wallets.

Fortunately, our new vet bowed out to be competent and caring and Zoe is convalescing nicely. But, the big business class remains. Focus on what your customers care about and you'll never go wrong.

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