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Clients... and 38 ways to connect with them - customer-service


As Alan Weiss (guru to the savvy consultant) says:

"It is in fact awkward to commerce clients too much. It is easy to fail to associate them habitually enough. If there is a person anyplace who has ever sent you a check for your air force and with whom you haven't communicated in the past 6 months, then you will never reach your advance potential. The clandestine is simple: Confirm an ongoing dialogue with clients. In the worst case, a monologue will do. "

You don't get big business you don't ask for. You don't get remembered if you don't keep in your clients' minds.

But how can you keep your name on the tip of their tongues?

Here's 38 ways:


Letters; brochures; newsletters; critique reprints; job aids and checklists; posters and sayings; cartoons; testimonials and examples of concluded assignments.


Calls to 'stay in touch'; a 1800 (or 800 in USA) digit and hot-line help to further use; in rank relayed on meetings or procedures of interest; reminders of long-term follow-up responsibilities and dates; introductions to third parties (that is, customers for your client).


Interviews with the client for business journals; attendance at conscientiousness and expert meetings that the client attends; hosting periodic conferences on topics of interest; interim as an liaison with other clients for mutual learning.


Web page updates and additions; 'password' website cold for clients; accepted email contact; branding in your email signature file; email with ideas and suggestions; references and/or hyperlinks to applicable sites; a chat room on your website; an extranet


Visits to the client not including any actual agenda; entertaining key clients; transfer festival cards or gifts (as permitted); participating in mutual assistance dealings and fund-raisers; in search of out conventional convergence and common events; conveyance "I'll be in the area" cards.


Co-authoring articles with the client; conveyance fax letters and information; promotion in activity publications the client reads; exhibiting at trade shows that key clients will attend; asking the client to help you as a critiquer, advisor, editor, etc. ; attractive the client to be on your advisory board; breakfast or lunch meetings you sponsor on important topics.

Obviously, not all of these methods will lend themselves to your own business. But I am amazed and ashamed that there are so many more ways I can be charge in associate with my clients than I presently am.

What might be advantageous is to compile a Data lines Line of attack for each of your clients, utilising a checklist of the most apt of these methods for each character client.

When you match consumer psychology with actual communication styles you get a able combination. Lee Hopkins can show you how to commune beat for change for the better commerce results. At Hopkins-Business-Communication-Training. com you can find the secrets to communiqu? success.


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