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How to kick your consumer ceremony up a notch! - customer-service


Welcome to the introductory issue of Human Tech Tips -- Tip #1. How do we take your client advantage and kick it up a notch?

This is a big distrust so where do we begin?

As an overview, it's a given that the counter is three-fold: People, Process, and Technology. Let me say right from the start, my bias is on the colonize side.

My questions for you to brood over are:

1) Do you assemble and amount any data? After all, what gets calculated gets managed, and what gets managed gets better.

2) Do you have patron satisfaction statistics? And if yes, how and where are you being paid them?

3) Do you have ongoing education in place - not sales exercise - not creation education - not protocol or rules and rules guidance but true bond edifice skills training?

Let's deal with the first question. Just as your coordination has metrics accessible to you doesn't mean you need to use all of them.

My guidance is to start at the end. What are you frustrating to attain and what measurement would completely be a sign of that achievement? Then that's what you want to measure. The first time you calculate gives you a baseline, a benchmark, to use for charting your develop 1 month, 3 months, 6 months down the line. You're not comparing manually to any one but physically so it's comparatively accurate. Yes, there are environmental or efficient or recurrent issues, but you're in receipt of a attractive accurate snapshot.

As an example, lots of companies assess chunk of call. Yes, this is a advantageous statistic. But if you are committed to client service, then I would bring to mind first call declaration is more chief than chunk of call. Southwest Airlines is committed to attribute buyer ceremony and they don't even compute extent of call.

We'll cover cast doubt on #2 in the next Tip and so on.

If you have questions or tips you'd like covered, choose feel free to email me at rosanne@HumanTechTips. com. To catch your own copy, email subscribe@HumanTechTips. com.

ROSANNE D'AUSILIO, Ph. D. , engineering psychologist, Leader of Human Technologies Global, Inc. , specializes in human carrying out management for commerce centers, given that needs analyses, instructional design, and customized, live, world class patron assistance skills trainings. Also offered: agent/facilitator guarantee because of Purdue University's Core for Consumer Obsessed Quality.

Known as 'the doable champion of the human, she authors the best-sellers, Wake Up Your Call Center: Make less harsh Your Interaction Hub, 4th magazine (hot off the press), and Client Ceremony and The Human Come across and soon to be released, Lay Your Cards on the Table: 52 Ways to Stack You Not public Deck. . Reach her at Rosanne@human-technologies. com, sign up for her admiring monthly e-newsletter in its 7th year, and check out her new virtual store. Sign up for her newest enterprise Tips at http://www. HumanTechTips. com. This is not the same newsletter as at http://www. human-technologies. com.


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