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A connect of years ago I had a call from a Consumer Service Manager running in the paper industry. He sought me to run a seminar for his team, on "How to Deal with Difficult Customers".

I had a number of cell phone conversations with this manager organising dates, times and receiving to be au fait with his business. If I was to depict his style on the call I would use words like, businesslike, cold, curt and somewhat impatient. I happening to realise that if I was one of his customers then I might have been a bit "difficult". He certainly knew his affair and I don't think he was a bad person but warm and forthcoming - fail to remember it.

There are in fact very few genuinely awkward customers in the world. And I hear you say - "we've got all of them". However the bulk of customers in the world are reasonable people. They may not think the way, look the way, sound the way that you do. In spite of this they are your customers and if you want their big business then you've got to deal with them. They may get "difficult" from time to time if they feel they've been let down. It's how you carry out them that'll determine if they carry on to be a catch or if you can turn them around.

Difficult customers and situations customarily occur because some part of our core ceremony has disastrous or the customer perceives it to have failed. We've not delivered on time, the client has the wrong product, it doesn't work or it's not what the consumer expected. What happens then is, the client comes to the interaction with us in a damaging frame of mind. It's what happens then that'll choose whether they deal with us again or bad mouth us to other people.

The trick is not just to concentrate on setting up the core service issues. Effective the buyer that you'll interchange the product, carry it in half an hour or knock a little off the price, isn't the answer. At times you may not have an key and the customer is going to hear "NO". But as you're aware, it's how you say "NO" that matters. Let's care about some of the reasons patron interactions go wrong and why they may become more "difficult".

* We don't care. - We don't sound or look as if we care, are concerned or be grateful for the customer's situation. Maybe you do care, nevertheless you've actually got to say caring words and look and sound as if you care. After all, the client can't read your mind.

* We don't listen. - Too often we try to jump in with solutions and don't allow the client to vent their feelings. Again we need to show the consumer that we're listening by what we say, how we say it and our body language.

* We let the client "get to us". We often allow the customers feelings to annoy or annoy us. This becomes obvious to the customer, again all the way through our tone of voice, our body idiom and only fuels a arduous situation.

* We use the wrong words. - There are a selection of trigger words that cause a buyer to develop into more difficult. Some of these are "cant, have to, sorry 'bout that". Even your organisation's jargon can have a depressing appearance on a customer interaction.

* We don't see it from the customer's point of view. - Too often client assistance citizens think the buyer is making too much of a fuss. They think - "What's the big deal, we'll fix it right away". The thing is, it is a big deal for the customer and they want us to be glad about that.

Customers will often judge the level of your benefit based on how well you convalesce from a challenging location and they're very likely to forgive you if you do it well.

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